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Gregory Louis


A native of Buffalo, NY, Gregory first discovered Pilates in his 20s while living in Los Angeles. Dogged by persistent old injuries from his high school football and collegiate rowing days, Pilates proved a powerful means for healing and strengthening his body. Believing he’d stumbled upon something truly revolutionary, it wasn’t long before he decided to become a teacher.

Classically certified in 2013 through the Eauinox Pilates Teacher Training Institute, Gregory spent the following decade-plus expanding his understanding of the method by training with teacher-mentors from across the larger Pilates spectrum.  During his time in California he also worked as a fitness model, shooting multiple ad campaigns for leading apparatus brand Peak Pilates, along with stints as a workout contributor and cover model for Pilates Style Magazine, the world’s only internationally circulated Pilates-focused publication. In 2018 he made the move back East where he spent a year living, writing and teaching in Sag Harbor before ultimately moving into the city.  Since then he’s continued to work with clients and students in both NYC and the Hamptons, and is grateful to now join the HolyDog team.

What to expect from class with Gregory:

Joe Pilates called his method, “Contrology: The Art & Science of Control,” and described the work as “…complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”  These are the words that guide Gregory’s teaching.  You’ll be expected to show up for your workout—physically and mentally—with a willingness to focus and train your breath to fuel your exercises.  You’ll be expected to work hard and keep up, while being precise, mindful and in control of yourself. Lastly, you’ll be expected to be serious about your workout, without taking yourself—or the teacher—too seriously.  Be advised, there will be some cheesy jokes (laugh or moan as you will).

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