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Emily Knieriem

Emily Knieriem was born and raised in Omaha, NE and started her dancing journey at the age of 3. After dancing competitively for 10 years, she decided to take her education to the next level and graduated from The University of the Arts with a BFA in Dance in 2018. She made her way to NYC and has performed in a variety of works in film, music videos, live performances, and at venues such as Madison Square Garden and Terminal 5. Her passion for movement has informed her fitness career and led her to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal, and Pilates Full Apparatus Certified Instructor from the Kane School. She is passionate about the importance of cross-training and considers Pilates to be a transformative modality to share with others.

What to expect from class with Emily:

Emily’s background in dance and personal training informs how she incorporates aspects of strength into her reformer classes. Her contemporary spin on classical choreography creates a fun and dynamic flow that will leave you feeling more connected to your body. She believes that you don’t need to over-complicate exercises in order for them to be effective and that attention to detail informs how you can enhance your movement. Her anatomy knowledge helps her provide clear and concise cueing to safely guide you through class and engage with a deeper mind-body connection. The most important thing to her is that you leave class feeling better than when you came and that you embrace the challenge with a smile!

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